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Waxing Services in Cottam, Preston

At our Maxy Farm Salon, our fantastic team of clinicians offer a range of aesthetic treatments to make sure that you feel like the best version of yourself at all times. Our expert beauty therapists can offer a range of effective waxing services, leaving your skin feeling hairless and smooth. Utilising a selection of waxing tools and techniques, our services ensure reduced pain and long-lasting results. Take a look at the benefits and process of our waxing services in Preston.

Treatment Areas

If you’re tired of searching for ‘leg waxing in Preston’ or ‘bikini waxing near me,’ pay The Salon at Maxy Farm a visit for an effective hair removal treatment. Our team of talented aestheticians provide a range of waxing services on areas across the entire body Take a look at our aesthetic treatment price list to find out what waxing services are available, as well as how much they will cost.

What products do we use for our waxing services in Preston?

Lycon Hot Wax:

Lycon Hot Wax is a premium waxing product known for its sensitivity and gentleness on the skin, as well as its ability to remove hair as short as 1mm. 

Our team of talented clinicians also make use of Lycon Strip Wax, ideal for treating larger areas of hair. These strips are just as sensitive as their hot wax counterparts and prove to be equally as effective in their respective areas. 

Pre-Waxing Oil and Lotions:

In order to best prepare the skin for our waxing services, our team of clinicians make use of pre-waxing oil and lotions to enhance the client’s comfort during treatments and best protect the skin.

Post-Waxing Lotions and Soothing Creams:

Once the treatment is over, your beauty therapist will apply our post-waxing lotions or soothing creams to reduce any redness.

Disposable Waxing Strips and Applicators:

To ensure a hygienic and effective waxing process, our team of clinicians may use disposable waxing strips and applicators for your treatment.  

What are the benefits of our waxing services

Efficient Hair Removal:
Lycon wax effectively removes hair, leaving the skin smooth and hair-free for weeks.

Reduced Pain:
Lycon’s unique formula and our skilled application technique minimise discomfort compared to traditional waxes.

Longer-Lasting Results:
Hair growth is slower and finer after regular waxing sessions.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin:
Lycon wax is designed to be gentle on the skin, reducing the risk of irritation.

Improved Skin Texture:
Regular waxing can lead to softer and more even skin over time.

Alternatives to waxing in Preston

If you don’t feel like waxing is right for you, there are plenty of other hair removal techniques available for those who are either nervous about the waxing process or looking for something a little bit more permanent.

Laser Hair Removal:
Laser hair removal is a much more permanent solution for hair removal, suitable for those looking to reduce hair growth over a longer period of time. If you’re interested in hair removal using a laser, this is a service that our team can also offer at The Salon at Maxy Farm.

Whilst not as effective as waxing, shaving is a quick, at-home means of removing hair. It does, however, require frequent upkeep and can lead to ingrown hairs.

Depilatory Creams:
Depilatory creams are chemical hair removal products. Whilst convenient and easy to apply, these creams should not be used by those with sensitive skin as they may cause irritation.

Get in Touch

If you need any further information or guidance on the benefits of our waxing services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. A friendly member of our team will be happy to get back to you with an answer right away.

Contact us at 01772 735 333, or email us at info@thesalonatmaxyfarm.co.uk.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Waxing Services
How short should hair be for waxing?2024-02-13T12:25:08+00:00

Generally, hair should be at least ¼ inch long for the wax to grip effectively. At the Salon, however, we make use of Lycon wax, which is known for being able to grab wax as short as 1mm long. 

Is waxing painful?2024-02-13T12:25:30+00:00

Despite being an effective method of hair removal, some may avoid waxing techniques for fear of pain or discomfort. Whilst some discomfort can be expected, our amazing team of beauticians are trained to make use of the best techniques and Lycon wax in order to reduce pain during waxing services.

How long does waxing last?2024-02-13T12:25:53+00:00

The results of our waxing services can differ from person to person, yet our treatments can typically last anywhere between 3 and 6 weeks. This can depend on your personal hair growth cycle. We tend to recommend getting waxed every 4-6 weeks to keep on top of your hair removal.

Can I wax with sensitive wax?2024-02-13T12:26:14+00:00

Yes, at The Salon at Maxy Farm, we make use of Lycon wax. This wax was designed to be extremely gentle on the skin, creating efficient waxing solutions for those with sensitive skin.

What’s the difference between hot wax and strip wax?2024-02-13T12:26:31+00:00

We utilise a range of waxing techniques and types of wax to best ensure a comfortable and effective treatment for our clients. Hot wax is better for smaller, more sensitive areas, while strip wax is used for larger areas like legs and arms. 

Are there any side effects of waxing services?2024-02-13T12:34:05+00:00

As with all aesthetic treatments, some may experience certain side effects. Some clients may experience temporary redness or slight irritation, which will usually subside within a few hours.  

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