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St Tropez Professional Spray Tan in Cottam, Preston

Visit the Maxy Farm Salon to enjoy a St Tropez professional spray tan and achieve a radiant glow in Preston, come rain or shine. Our team of expert clinicians offer a high-quality, streak-free service, giving you a healthy bronzed look across your entire body. Stop the search for ‘sunbed shops near me’ and rely on The Salon at Maxy Farm to provide a natural-looking St Tropez professional spray tan.

What products are used during the treatment?

At The Salon at Maxy Farm, we are proud to offer the very best aesthetic treatment packages and our tanning service is no exception. We make use of the best products on the market to provide the highest quality treatments, promising effective and lasting results.

St Tropez Professional Spray Tan Solution:

A high-quality tanning solution known for its natural-looking results and longevity.

Spray Tan Gun:

Professional equipment for an even and precise application of the tanning solution.

Disposable Hair Caps and G-Strings:

For client comfort and protection during the tanning session.

Barrier Cream:

Applied to areas like knees, elbows, and ankles to prevent uneven tanning.

Pre and Post-Tan Care Products:

Enhancers and moisturisers to prepare the skin before and maintain the tan after the procedure.

What are the benefits of a St Tropez professional spray tan?

Natural-Looking Tan:
St Tropez provides a streak-free, natural-looking tan, suitable for all skin types.

Quick and Convenient:
The entire process takes only a few minutes, with the tan developing over a few hours.

Safe Alternative to Sunbathing:
Avoids the harmful UV exposure associated with traditional tanning methods.

Customisable Shades:
Various shades are available to match different skin tones and preferences.

Instant Results:
A St Tropez tan offers an immediate transformation with a bronzed glow, perfect for special occasions or regular beauty routines.

Alternatives to a St Tropez professional spray tan

Self-Tanning Lotions and Mousses:
If you prefer to apply your own tan at home, you may find that self-tanning lotions and mousses work best for you. It should be noted, however, that they aren’t as consistent and may not be as natural looking as a professional tan applied by our aestheticians at The Salon at Maxy Farm.

Tanning Beds:
Tanning beds were once the go-to solution for getting a quick, easy and even tan. They’re no longer recommended due to the health risks that are associated with UV exposure and have more or less been commonly replaced by spray tans.

Natural Sunbathing:
It’s no secret that the sun isn’t a luxury available to us at all times in Preston, but when it is, many of us are quick to lie in the garden and let the natural light do what it does best. Whilst a welcome summer pastime, sunbathing can carry risks of sunburn and long-term skin damage, particularly for those with fair or sensitive skin.

Bronzing Powders and Lotions:
Bronzing powders and lotions are temporary tanning solutions that wash off and do not offer the lasting effects of a St Tropez professional spray tan.

Get in Touch

If you need any further information or guidance on the benefits of our St Tropez spray tan services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. A friendly member of our team will be happy to get back to you with an answer right away. We offer a whole range of aesthetic treatments from nail services to makeup artists in Preston, so why not take a look at what other services are available to you?

Contact us at 01772 735 333, or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions about our our St Tropez professional spray tan
How long does a St Tropez spray tan last?2024-03-05T10:56:55+00:00

Typically, a St Tropez spray tan lasts about 5-7 days, depending on skin type and aftercare.

Will the St Tropez spray tan look orange or unnatural?2024-03-05T10:56:45+00:00

No, your spray tan will not look unnatural or orange. St Tropez spray tans are known for their natural-looking, golden tan without the dreaded orange hue.

How should I prepare for my spray tan session?2024-03-05T10:56:36+00:00

When preparing for your spray tan session, we advise clients to exfoliate and moisturise their skin 24 hours before and avoid wearing makeup, deodorants, or perfumes to their appointment at The Salon at Maxy Farm.

How do you take care of a spray tan?2024-03-05T10:56:28+00:00

There are several tips that we would recommend to best take care of your spray tan. Firstly, it is advised to wait a few minutes before dressing to ensure that the tan is dry to the touch. You should wear loose, dark clothing to the appointment and avoid tight-fitting clothes immediately after to prevent any risk of streaks. We would also suggest waiting at least 8 hours before showering to allow the tan to develop fully. During the days following your St Tropez spray tan, moisturise daily, avoid long hot baths, and gently pat your skin dry after showering.

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