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Premium Hair Salon in Cottam, Preston

Visit our premium hair salon at the Maxy Farm Salon to receive tailored, high-quality hair services to best benefit the needs of your specific hair type. Our amazing team of hairdressers and hair care specialists can offer a range of services including our Olaplex salon treatment, Kerastraight treatments and premium quality hair extensions. Whatever your hair-care needs, rely on The Salon at Maxy Farm to support you in getting your hair to be the healthiest it can be.

What products are used in our premium hair salon?

At The Salon at Maxy Farm, we aim to always deliver the best high-quality treatment packages. This is why we select the very best industry-leading products in order to offer clients the best results possible.

  • L’Oréal Professional Products: Includes a range of shampoos, conditioners, masks, and serums tailored for different hair needs.
  • KeraStraight Treatments: Known for their keratin-based smoothing treatments that straighten and repair hair.
  • Olaplex Treatments: Used for bond-building and strengthening, particularly beneficial for bleached or heavily styled hair.
  • Colour Wow Products: Specialised in colour-treated hair care, offering solutions to maintain vibrancy and health of coloured hair.
What are the benefits of our hair treatments?

Restoration and Protection:

Our Olaplex salon treatments work at a molecular level to repair hair bonds, while KeraStraight provides lasting smoothness and fortification.

Colour Maintenance:

Colour Wow products ensure that coloured hair retains its vibrancy and shine.

Customised Solutions:

L’Oréal’s extensive range offers personalised care for all hair types, addressing issues from dryness to damage.

Overall Hair Health Improvement:

Regular use of these premium products results in stronger, healthier, and more manageable hair.

Alternatives to our hair treatments

Regular Trimming
Even for those looking to grow their hair, you should never underestimate the value of a good trim. Regular trimming is essential for maintaining hair health and preventing both breakages and split ends.

Balanced Diet and Hydration
Healthy hair has to grow from a healthy body, which is why enjoying a nutritious balanced diet and staying hydrated is integral to excellent hair health. Whether you’re wanting a natural sheen, strong and healthy hair or are hoping to grow it all out, a balanced diet and lots of water shouldn’t be overlooked.

Minimising Heat Styling
It’s no secret that excessive use of heat-styling products can cause permanent damage to your hair. So on top of your other treatments or hair care practices, it is highly advisable to reduce the use of heat tools to prevent unnecessary damage to your hair.

Get in Touch

If you need any further information or guidance on our Olaplex salon treatment or any of our other services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. A friendly member of our team will be happy to get back to you with an answer right away. We offer a whole range of aesthetic treatments from nail services to makeup artists in Preston, so why not take a look at what other services are available to you?

Contact us at 01772 735 333, or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions about our eyebrow threading prices and services
Which brand is right for my hair type?2024-03-12T10:56:48+00:00

This depends on your specific hair needs. L’Oréal offers a wide range, KeraStraight is ideal for frizzy or unruly hair, Olaplex for damaged hair, and Colour Wow for coloured hair.

Can these treatments repair severely damaged hair?2024-03-12T10:57:16+00:00

Treatments like Olaplex are specifically designed for repairing damage, and they can significantly improve hair health. However, extremely damaged hair may not be fully reversible.

What is the recommended aftercare for these treatments?2024-03-12T10:57:38+00:00

Each brand has specific aftercare recommendations. Generally, using the same brand’s shampoo and conditioner can help maintain the treatment’s effects. Using recommended products from the same brand, like L’Oréal or Olaplex, can extend the benefits of the treatment and ensure optimal hair health.

Are there any side effects to these brand treatments?2024-03-12T10:57:57+00:00

These brands are known for their safety and efficacy. However, if you have specific sensitivities or allergies, it’s important to inform your stylist.

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