Are Skin Boosters safe?

Absolutely. Our team of clinicians are trained and experienced in administering injections. These skin booster treatments are completely superficial and therefore easy to avoid any nerves or blood vessels. Thanks to our boosters’ high purity and minimal chemical cross-linking, we can limit any risks of harm caused by our facials. 

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Does Profhilo hurt?

Making use of ultra-fine needles, our trained expert aestheticians make your skin booster facials as comfortable as possible. Topical anaesthesia is also available during skin booster treatments if necessary, although it is very rarely required. 

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How long do Skin Boosters last?

Skin booster facials can last as long as six months, with optimal results being visible as soon as four weeks after the treatment. As with all aesthetic treatments, however, results can vary on a range of factors including treatment area and the brand of skin booster.

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How much is a Skin Booster Treatment?

The cost of our skin booster facial is ultimately dependent on the specific type of treatment that you opt for. Have a look at our aesthetic treatment price list to learn more about how much you should expect to pay for a skin booster facial from one of our expert aestheticians.

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What is a Skin Booster Treatment?

Our skin booster treatments are aesthetic facials that work to address a range of skin concerns, from skin laxity to moisture, to anti-ageing. These skin booster facials involve injecting hyaluronic acid into the treatment areas to promote collagen production, volume and moisture within the skin, resulting in a natural, radiant look.

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