What do I need to do after dermal filler treatment?

There is no recovery time. We do advise not to rub your face or apply makeup within 12 hours of treatment and to avoid vigorous exercise, drinking alcohol, sauna, steamers or prolonged UV exposure within 24 hours after treatment.

What do I need to do after dermal filler treatment?2023-08-14T15:03:34+00:00

Who should avoid dermal fillers?

Women who are pregnant and/or breast-feeding, people using blood-thinning medications including Warfarin or Heparin. Our doctors will discuss these with you at your consultation.

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Do I need a follow up appointment?

Not necessarily. Most people do not need to come back in for an adjustment. We offer a complimentary review after 14 days to check how your treatment is looking. If you would like an adjustment to your treatment, we can make this then.

Do I need a follow up appointment?2023-08-14T15:03:35+00:00

How long will the process take?

Depending on the treatment area is usually 30 minutes of treatment time. Initial consultations last 20 – 30 minutes.

How long will the process take?2023-08-14T15:03:35+00:00

Do I need an initial consultation before my treatment?

Yes, all clients must have a consultation prior to treatment, even if you've been many times before. Our clinician will fully review your concerns and advise on the most appropriate treatment.

Do I need an initial consultation before my treatment?2023-08-14T15:03:35+00:00

Does it hurt?

Our dermal filler, has an in-built anaesthetic called lidocaine which enhances comfort. We can also use anaesthetic cream or a dental block if preferred.

Does it hurt?2023-08-14T15:03:35+00:00
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